There's Nothing to Rely On.

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Nothing To Rely On
2 March 1980
1/2 inch buttons, 80s cartoons, 80s toys, acid studio, adding to this list, argyle socks, ask a ninja, awesome man crushes, bad luck, baseball, being lazy, being norwegian, board games, bowling, buffy, buying my girlfriend things, canada dry, cats, christopher meloni, colorado rockies, comic books, crumb donettes, crush of the week, david sedaris, dirty jobs, drawing, drums, falling asleep before work, fun boxer shorts, girl scout cookies, good eats, gothic elvis, harry potter, heroes, ikea, ira glass, kcrw, kickin' it old skool, korpse fucker, lazer tag, learning new instruments, legos, making icons, making music, massive bowls of cereal, masturbating, meat, mega man 2, miami ink, mini golf, missing gamingisle.com, muerta-en-rosa and el-anchovio, music, my metal head youth, my punk rock past, my unintentional superman obsession, mythbusters, nerdy girls, netflix, not doing dishes, not getting enough sleep, obscure documentaries, pineapple soda, pirates-vs.-robots-vs.-ninjas, porn, radio, recording television, road travel, sandwiches, sarah vowell, sexin' my girlfriend, spending-money-i-don't-have, spongebob squarepants, star wars, state quarters, straight edge, sugary pop tunes, sunday morning sex, swedish fish, the a-team van, the simpsons, this american life, toys, trying new cheeses, underground art, unusual instruments, urban art, vanessa's italian chicken, video games, wanting tattoos, weird california, wizard rock, zombies